Screenplays and Teleplays


A Mockumentary style comedy about janitors, card tricks, and controlling your cortex. Filmed as part of a class project at Carnegie Mellon.
Egghead Genius

Full-length Feature

2016 Alfred P. Sloan Award Winner

Rudi Mandl, a balding dishwasher with broken English and a passion for physics, is determined for his theory to be heard, no matter how bad he is at expressing himself. When he finally gets his equations into the hands of his hero, Albert Einstein, Rudi discovers that questions of the heart may not have simple solutions. 

Inspired by a true story. 

Full-length Feature
Jade and Bebe's dad is getting married to his seventh bride, and this time it's going to be on TV. Sisters band together with a hippie peacock farming collective to save their non-traditional family in this quirky comedy set in Durham, North Carolina.
The Unique Anatomy of a Star-Nosed Mole
Full-length Feature
Microbiologist Olivia spends her days in a lab, studying the science of touch, but in her personal life, one might say she lacks sensitivity. Her employees fear her, her family despairs for her, and the guy with a crush on her can't get anywhere near her. When life conspires to bring Olivia in touch with her own feelings, both positive and negative, will she burrow into the ground like the Star-Nosed Mole she studies, or will she finally face her demons and allow another person to get close?
Treasure Hunt
Short Film


Travis has almost beaten the level when his mom forces him to go outside and play. When his one-handed neighbor Rick suggests he hunt for treasure, the young boy embarks on a journey through his town to find prizes that are beautiful, magical, and little bit sinister.

An Actor Prepares
Teleplay- 30 Min. comedy pilot


Hardcore method actor Jason Flick has just ended a successful Broadway run playing Marlon Brando in Brando: The Marlon Brando Story.  When he finds out that famous German director Fritzhold Fleinheimer wants him for the lead in his production of “The Potato Farmer,” Jason is overjoyed. Despite the protestations of his model girlfriend, Tithia, and his agent Sal, Jason takes the next flight out to Ireland to research the role and experience potato farming first hand. However, when he arrives in Ireland, fitting in on the farm proves harder than he expected in this fish out of water comedy.


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