Ten Minute Plays

What You Don't Know

2 Actors

10 Minute Play


Ripley and Troxler struggle to identify the species of the flattened carcass they are scraping off the road. When the question of whether or not the animal will be missed arises, they must decide which is more harmful: to tell the truth or to lie.


Triangle Arts and Entertainment dubs it a "devilishly funny two-hander."

 A nice mention in The Five Point Star

Classical Voice of North Carolina calls the play a "gruesome bit of fun!"

"One of the most successful plays of the night," says Fearless and Loathing.

Mora is quoted in this 10 By 10 in the Triangle write up in The Daily Tarheel.

Gorilla gorilla


10 Minute Play


Two gorillas argue about a female being introduced to their enclosure and attempt to agree on which of them will be her mate, eventually facing the possibility that they may be the only gorillas left.

 Gorilla gorilla was published by Smith & Kraus in "The Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2018"