One Act Plays

CAPA High School 2016




One Act, ~25 minutes

"Hello? I'm in a box! You just saw me swallow the key!"


Jerry's been responsible for his socially anxious brother, Tyler, ever since their parents died. He keeps a roof over his head, food in his belly, and is even saving money to send him to Greenburg Tech. But when 17-year-old Tyler announces his intention to go to mime college, the car-fixing, beer-swigging Jerry is thrown through a loop. Sexuality, parenthood, and pantomime are explored in this heart-filled comedy about love and acceptance.


Finalist, John Cauble Award for Outstanding Short Play, Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, 2015



KCACTF Region 2 Festival 2016




2W, 1 M

One Act, ~35 minutes

"The problem with fairy tales is, you can never make them mean what you want them to mean."

In this acerbic twist on Greek mythology and classic fairy tales, nymph Ondine falls in love with the mortal Mort.  When Mort chooses his human girlfriend Bertha over her, Ondine lays a powerful curse on him: If he falls asleep he dies. Bertha races against time to save Mort, while Ondine faces the repercussions of her vengeful act in this distinctly non-Disney romance.

Finalist, The John Cauble Award for Outstanding Short Play, Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival 2016


1 M, 1 W with doubling

One Act, ~22 minutes


"I do not want this to be another story about a girl who is so obsessed with her boyfriend she turns a blind eye to murder and cuts her thigh open to prove her devotion and then kills herself by swallowing hot coals. I’m just so sick of hearing that story, you know?" 

In this darkly comedic retelling of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, we experience the story from Portia's perspective...which may or may not be the perspective of a frustrated Showrunner who just wants to take care of the Writers' Room's rat problem before this episode airs.

Written as part of the 365 Women a Year Project.