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Red Theater, Chicago 2023
Faith Kelsey Photography
Indoor cats
2W, 1M, 1N
Full Length
"I have returned from my adventures profoundly changed...and not in a good way."

Recently dumped filmmaker Jules, is holed up with her cat at her parents cabin in Central Pennsylvania, watching her career dreams dry up in the face of the pandemic and screening her infuriatingly competent sister’s calls. When she flirtatiously encounters her Naturalist neighbor Pete, she begins a foray into the bizarre world of making films for feline viewing. Faced with uncertainty both personal and global, Jules must use instinct to decide who gives her art, and life, meaning, even when it’s feeling more and more like the end of the world.



  • Red Theater's 2023 production was nominated for five Non-Equity Jeff Awards, and won for Best New Work and Best Supporting Actor.


  • Reading, Pittsburgh Public Theater, 2022

  • Production, Red Theater, dir. Wyatt Kent 2023


  • This review  by Angela Allyn for Chicago Stage and Screen describes the play as "a meditation on the pandemic, on humanity, on wildness and domesticity, on our relationships to the animal world and to each other, it is deeply funny and also profound."

  • Check out Red Theater's Meet the Playwright for more background on the play.

Red, Theater, 2023
Faith Kelsey Photography
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