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Current projects and collaborators

  • THE ASTRONOTS will be producted by Bloomsburg University's theater program November 2nd-5th, 2023. 

  • My new play THE SLUSH will have a reading at Pittsburgh Public Theater on July 31st at 7:00 pm. Link for tickets. 

  • The World Premiere of INDOOR CATS closed in March of 2023 at Red Theatre  in Chicago following a fantastic four week run. 

  • In March of 2023 THE ASTRONOTS was presented as a reading by undergraduate theater students at the University of Pittsburgh.

  • I was delighted to serve as a respondent for student plays being honored at the KCACTF Region V Festival in January 2023.

  • I am currently in my third year as member of the Pittsburgh Public Theatre Playwrights Collective.  

  • T.J.Young and I are in our fourth year serving as Co-Representatives for the Pittsburgh Region of the Dramatist Guild of America. 

"While Harris clearly has a knack for absurdist humor and zippy one-liners, some of my favorite scenes are those that give us (and the characters) more room to reflect. [...] Moments like these are thoughtful, taking a hard look at grief, trauma and that which truly nourishes us. " 

-Amy Stumpfl for The Nashville Scene

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