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Garden Theatre Company, 2019
Photo by Ross Bolen


  • Finalist, Leah Ryan's FEWW Prize, 2020

  • Finalist, Core Writer Program, Playwrights' Center, 2020

  • Finalist, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference, id Theatre, 2019

  • Semi-Finalist, Bechdel Test Festival, The Bridge Initiative, 2018


  • Review of the Garden Theatre Company's production from the Nashville Scene

  • On the Women's Theatre Festival Blog.



Full Length

"Remember the taste in your mouth right now. It's the taste of your family when everything is good."

Competitive eater Francie is desperate to find a way to help her younger sister Trisha eat. When celebrity chef Electra Sinclair arrives on their doorstep, she thinks she may have found just the thing to set Trisha on the road to recovery. Yet Trisha's illness worsens as she begins seeing visions of a talking Pot Roast, and Francie becomes distracted by an ex hell-bent on exploiting her in a cogent work of non-fiction. The sisters struggle to take care of each other and nourish themselves in this comedy about learning from the things we crave.

Garden Theatre Company, 2019
Photo by Ross Bolen
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