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The Pittsburgh Public Theater, 2021
5W, 1M 
Full Length
"Weren’t you worried a minute ago about the unethical applications of the technology?"

Burdened with a prodigious nose and useless playwriting degree, Sara (No-H) Bergerac is thrilled to be contracted by a well-funded virtual reality startup to assist in their research into human emotions and the facial expressions that come with them. She finds herself working alongside Kris a gorgeous but socially awkward computer scientist. When Kris confesses that she’s falling for Rocky, the handsome actor they’ve hired to make faces, the two women hatch a scheme in which Sara writes the script for Kris’ flirtation. But when Sara’s feelings for Rocky become more reality than virtual, the three find themselves in an emotional uncanny valley; at a glance the romance seems perfect, but deep down there’s a flaw in the code.

An adaptation of Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac, commissioned by the Pittsburgh Public Theatre for their 2020-21 Classic N'At Season. 


  • Winner, J.L. Smith New Play Festival 

  • 2nd Rounder, Austin Film Festival Playwriting Competition

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